Revelry : A Celebration of Powwows

Who can celebrate in Powwows? Everyone!

Project guidelines initiated critical and creative thinking towards manifesting our own brand with several touchpoints to fight against social justice issues. Revelry was designed to empower Powwows. Powwows are often neglected events in the public eye, yet they occur all over the United States with various tribes coming together to dance, sing and celebrate in unity. Many people in the outside communities do not understand what powwows are, how they can be involved, and respectable manners to keep in mind. Revelry focuses on educating exactly that. Revelry is determined to bring awareness to these amazing festivities in a respectable way, while also opening the door to a wider audience to experience powwows. Joining hands with friends, family, neighbors and more, we can come together to enjoy an amazing celebration of joy, love, remembrance and so much more from rich Native American cultures that have been around for centuries.

One of the first product promotional items explored was creating foldables. The Revelry brand is environmentally conscientious, so all the foldables would be created using recycled paper. These products appeal towards younger members who may run around at the powwows! Children and their experiences at powwows are just as important as adults, so including an easy, fun craft at the vendor tents is a great way to keep everyone involved.

The next three products study the possibility of utilizing moveable flags. Powwows are often held in various places, including open park fields, recreational gymnasiums and more. With clear Revelry branding, these flags possible designs that could provide further clarity towards powwow visitors or first-timers. Answering questions like, “Who can come enjoy a powwow? Everyone!” Or as visitors are entering to remember to respect the culture and the dances being performed. Every powwow is different, visitors sometimes are included in certain dances and asked to participate, while other dances are done alone, these promotional products could serve as informational reminders for those circumstances as well.

Some of the final promotional products included exploring how to expand the brand throughout the powwow, while also keeping the environment in mind. At many powwows, Native vendors sell amazing food like fry bread or homemade root beer, or jewelry and hand-made goods. The Revelry brand has vendor wraps created to continue a streamlined branding system. To include food vendors, a reusable bandana would be handed out to visitors and dancers. Instead of a single-use towel, this bandana can be used several times, and taken home to be washed and used again. Visitors and dancers alike have something to take home with them, to remember their experience with Revelry.

View the Revelry Presentation here.

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