I’m Jessie! A Midwestern Graphic Designer.

Wado! (Thank you) for checking out my site. Please enjoy my work and getting to know a little more about who I am. I currently work as the store manager & full-time designer for Finders Records in Bowling Green, OH. When I’m not in the store designing or filing through vinyl, I take part in discussion panels, talks, or freelance for non-profits. Or head out into the woods and go off grid for a few sun rotations!

Design creates movements //

A fire is lit under my belly! Passion and creativity truly drives my work and motivates me as a graphic designer, and just as an overall person. My work mainly explores my self identity as a biracial Native American woman, who fights for social justice rights for native peoples by day, and makes homemade candles by night.

I firmly believe that design can help change the world. That is one of the reasons I became who I am! With a strong heart, steady mindset and strong will to help others, I’m ready to make designs that will knock your socks off!! Let’s talk.

Mentioned Work //