Just as the earth is ever changing, so is my personal journey.

My work, in both printmaking and design, explores my self identity as a biracial Native American woman, fighting for social justice rights for Native peoples, the environment and more. 

My mother is Caucasian and my father is full-blood Native American. They separated and moved to different states when I was young. Since that point, I have been raised primarily by my mother, while the Indigenous side of my identity has remained unknown to me. I  am learning more about my Native ancestry each day. I now struggle to make sense of where I fit between modern American and Native American culture. The path I’ve walked thus far is only one half of who I truly am. As I dive further into my personal history, I am using my work in explore my relationship to the Native American culture. The knowledge I am learning is fleeting like sand through my fingertips. My understanding that this culture is slowly receding has ignited my passion to learn more and stand up as a biracial Native American activist and designer.

A fire is lit under my belly! Passion truly drives my work and motivates me as a graphic designer. I firmly believe that design can help change the world. That is one of the reasons I became a graphic designer! With a strong heart, and a excited design brain to whir around, I’m ready to make designs that will knock your socks off!! Let’s talk.